Londons innovative, professional and reliable inventory company.

“We love the services that Belfore have provided. Very efficient, high quality and fast turn around times. We would highly recommend them”

Richard Brown

Managing Director, East London Homes

About Belfore

We are London’s innovative, professional and reliable inventory company, run by a team of young, experienced and pioneering property enthusiasts, working for London’s premier estate agent and property management companies.

Our Services

Inventory check-ins

One of our Inventory clerks will visit your property at the start of the tenancy and carry out an in-depth inspection.

mid-term/ interim inspections

During the tenancy, we visit your property to check, identify and highlight issues which may have arisen over time.

Check-out Inspections

One of our Inventory clerks conduct an in-depth assessment on the of the property and its contents.


48 hours or less turnaround time


Professional, Clear and easy to read reports

Full HD photo gallery with each report